PC-BOT 914

The PC-BOT 914 was designed and is produced by White Box Robotics, primarily as a robotics research platform. Here are some write-ups describing my work with and modifications done to my PC-BOT 914. Nothing major ... nothing scientific ... just for fun of it!

February 2007 :: Introduction

Our bot is called MAX HEADROOM. Initially the bot was named DUMBO ... but eventually, after the bot whacked its head into a heavy coffee table made of solid “butcher block” type of wood and moved it a few centimeters, the name MAX HEADROOM stuck.

This bot continues to search for its soul while testing various pieces of spirited and not so spirited ware. One day it will become a very very useful robot, so it dreams while off line ... ;)

March 2007 :: Brain Transplant

The bot came with VIA SP 13000 mini-ITX motherboard and C3 CPU. The performance under Windows XP Home was rather poor. The standard factory installed ware called BRIAN and video feed from one webcam was choking the C3 CPU. Using Microsoft Robotics Studio or any other more intense application in any useful way was out of question. The best resolution was to upgrade bot’s brain with new motherboard and Intel Core 2 Duo CPU.
So, I have ... MORE